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More Ice: April 26-28th, 1811

April 28, 2011

On the 26th the Resolution passed Latitude 77N. The day began with safe and clear sailing, but it was not to last:

… we were attacked by such a heavy squall that the Ship could scarecely sustain the pressure she kieled amazingly the Main Stay sail (an old sail) gave way in the foot were obliged to take it in[.] Not having room to take in Sail the Ship was oberburthened by this insomuch that she became almost unmanageable. We drifted very heavilyu against one piece of Ice but avoided the rest of the heavy pieces[.]

Fortunately Scoresby managed to find room to tack and sail away from the pack ice, but he notes that there were “27 Ships in sight half of them beset.”

Saturday 27th was little better. They filled 16 casks in the ‘forehold’ with water to improve the ship’s trim. The extent of the problem can be gleaned from Scoresby’s almost off-hand comment: “this brought the Ship nearly upon an even keel”. Once this was complete, they “made much sail” to ram the ice pack and force the ship through. Again there were several ships close by, including the James of Liverpool, and the Aimwell of Whitby, with her bow stove in, from a failed attempt to break through the ice on the 26th.

Scoresby made no journal entry for Sunday, April 28th.

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