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Repairing the Aimwell: April 30th-May 1st

April 30, 2011

As before, when the ice closed in on Tuesday April 30th, several ships were trapped together, including the Resolution, and the Aimwell, still struggling with damage to her bow. With little chance of braking free, Scoresby’s crew assisted in making repairs, first “careening” the ship, by shifting weight, and then attaching cables to the masts and pulling the ship onto her side:

By these means the place of the blow was got above the surface of the water–a small piece of doubling was removed and renewed by means of the Carpenters of the Aimwell and Resolution. Our Armourer supplied them with Bolts a complete job was made of it in a short time after which the Ship which was before leaky became tight[.]

In 1816, when Scoresby was in command of the Esk, he was helped in a similar way, though his ship was too badly damaged to do anything but run for home. This task completed, the following day Scoresby worried about being trapped in the ice while the ship drifted too far to the Northeast, but May 1st was a special day for whalers, who celebrated with music, pageants, and dancing, culminating with suspending a garland in the rigging at midnight.

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