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The Pressure Was Severe: 22nd May, 1811

May 22, 2011

The season so far had been a constant struggle with the ice, and on Wednesday, the crew of the Resolution continued to force the ship to an opening, with around 20 ships nearby in the same situation. Whales were seen, and pursued, by many boats from many ships, and the Augusta of Hull found a dead whale, which Scoresby thought may well have been the one they had killed and lost a few days earlier. The ice was difficult, and dangerous:

Last night Captn Hornby of the Burnie* took Tea with us he said when beset within 1 1/2 or 2 miles of us about 10th May while we lay secured and comfortable in Bay Ice the Bernie was caught between two heavy pieces best in Bay Floes and so pressed that he thinks if it had not been for their activity and exirtion in launching Boats across the Bay Ice near the pieces which pressed them that the Ship must have been stove. The pressure was severe.

*Several variations on this name occur. Jackson also says that while 1811 was the first season for the Bernie, records of the ship appear as early as 1804.

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