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High Seas: May 27-29th, 1811

May 27, 2011

On Monday, the wind increased to a hard gale, but the Resolution was able to make progress against the wind. Scoresby is especially proud that while the other ships neaby had to wear to the South with the wind, he was able to tack normally, and that the ship “never missed stays”:

Notwithstanding the Sea became high yet the Ship never missed stays — we had frequently to tack to Windward between streams of Ice and amongst scattered heavy washed pieces which were very dangerous[.] Most of the Ships about us were obliged to wear. At noon had passed the Aimwell, Mary and Elizabeth, James of Liverpool, Augusta, Guilder* etc.

On Wednesday the 29th, having seen just one whale, and with the rest of the fleet to windward–the wind continued to blow North by East–the Resolution kept pushing forward with light ice no closer than 12 miles away, and land–the island of Prins Karls Forland–“at NNE Distance 15 miles[.] Stood off found nothing but clear water during many hours sail except a few disseminated pieces of Ice.”

*Actually the Gilder.

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