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Impetuosity of the Ice: June 20-21st, 1811

June 20, 2011

On Thursday Scoresby welcomed Mr Johnstone (Johnson?) of the Aimwell on board, and heard that they had “25 fish (13 size) about 130 tons of oil”. There was also news of the Henrietta, which had 160 tons of oil almost a week earlier, when the Aimwell had 100, and the Resolution 25 at best. At this stage in the season there was intense rivalry between captains, and the following day (the 21st) Scoreby heard that his father, commanding the John, had already begun to head home, full. He also heard about the Ocean, which got

dreadfully abused by the Impetuosity of the Ice in the Gale of the 7th of June she had been making off at the field edges (or rather Floes) … got entangled amongst pieces and the Ship … stove they were obliged to force into the Ice as far as possible where they received such blows from the Ice agitated by the swell that most of the Timbers they believe in the Ship are broken. The pumps are constantly going, they have several fish and still persevere in the object of their voyage.

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