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They Brought a Bear: 26th June, 1811

June 26, 2011

On Wednesday the Resolution was still far north, at Lat. 78, with the wind blowing NNW. Work had been underway for some time filling casks with blubber, and the final 25 went into the lower hold. Along with many other ships, the Resolution made for an area of clear water to the NE. There was some danger that they would become beset, and Scoresby sent off five boats to look for a passage through to the edge of the ice:

Made sail and after a good deal of anxiety and care accomplished the passage and worked up towards the Field. The Boats met us as we got out. They brought a bear had mistaken orders and ranged the Field E[astward] instead of Westward. … The Aimwell to Windward got two Fish most of the Ships about us made some captures and some several. The Henrietta and Active (Peterhead) bore away with colours flying.

Ships flying their colours indicated that they were full, and were heading home. Before long the Resolution would raise its Jack too.

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