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The Convoy Heads South: July 16th-18th, 1811

July 16, 2011

Over the next ten days the little occasional convoy consisting of the Resolution, the Aimwell, Volunteer, Lively, and the Peterhead whaler Enterprize, made more steady progress south from their position at Lat 71 deg N. On the 17th a gale sprang up, and with rain predicted Scoresby ordered all hands to bring in the whale lines, which had been drying on deck.

In his journal on the 17th Scoresby also notes his habit of allowing 2.75 to 3 points of variation in the compass, to compensate for the magnetic attraction of the ship. His work on magnetism, and theorising about the effect of ships’ ironwork on the compass, would continue until his death, in March 1857.

By the end of Wednesday, Scoresby estimated that they had covered 87 miles to the SW. On the following day he reports “various courses were steered and little progress made.”

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