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Last Whales: 30th June to 1st July, 1811

June 30, 2011

In loose ice Scoresby saw more whales, and sent boats in pursuit, through snow showers. They steered North East, and met the Enterprize, whose captain reported having “20 Fish 130-140 Tons gives account of the Perseverence of Peterhead having 160.” Along with several other ships, the Resolution sailed for around eight hours, or, Scoresby estimates, 30-40 miles before reaching a patch of ice.

On Monday, in open ice, and thick fog, whales and “Unicorns” were sighted, and the blowing of whales heard:

About 5AM having come near a floe and hearing the bowing of a whale tacked and sent a Boat to seek it. They continued to lie in wait 4 or 5 hours seeing the same fish occasionally which at length was struck next to a close patch of Ice to the Nd of a Floe the Boats spreading themselves judiciously soon got her on coming up and in due time killed her. Took her alongside and flinched as we lay too.

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