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Flying Jacks: 2nd-3rd July, 1811

July 2, 2011

On Tuesday, Scoresby gave the signal for the boats to return, the ship almost full, and the season over:

The Crew now seemed satisfied with our success as a signal brought the Fish to the Ship with flying Jacks. Finished flinching made a short board to Windward and then reached by the wind to the SWbW … constant fog commenced which continued until (Wednesday) at intervals very thick could not see 100yards. The Fopg was such that the decks were quite dry but the rigging was coated with glass.

The following day, as the fog cleared, the Resolution mad a dash for an opening, but found time to send a boat in pursuit of another whale. The Fore Top Gallant mast was re-rigged, making the ship better able to make good progress in open water as it sailed home. Jackson notes that the ship was rigged for manoeuvring amongst the ice, while in Brassa Sound, on March 16th. In the days to come, a great deal more work would be needed to transform the ship from a nimble, working whaler, to an effective long-distance cargo ship.

Scoresby counted “20 sail in sight” at midnight, including the Enterprize and Aimwell. Although no doubt their thoughts were of home, on July 3rd Scoresby and his crew were still far north, at Lat 78.

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