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News of the Fleet: 6th-7th July, 1811

July 6, 2011

With a southwesterly wind the Resolution came upon the Volunteer, which had been waiting for her, and Scoresby shared stories about the season, and information about the catch. The Volunteer had:

23 fish (15 size) = 150 Tons of Oil he informed us that Captn. Cutter [of the Reliance (London)] had been seeking a passage to the NE of this in an E[asterly] direction out fo the Ice and had been obliged to return and seek it more Southerly. Mr. Dawson [of the Volunteer (Whitby)] says he wants a Fish or two more before he goes home.

Fog meant that “sailing became troublesome” but on Sunday 7th July, the fog cleared, and they “made sail with a light air of wind” to the ESE, with around 20 ships in sight. The fog, a calm, and possibly a desire to make sure the men were kept active, forced Scoresby to employ boats to tow the ship. By now, as they finished making off the blubber stowed in the past few days, they were using every empty cask they could lay their hands on: “Finished making off having filled all our Blubber Casks several Beer and Fresh water Casks and 30 or 4 Beef or Pork casks.”

At noon, the Aimwell hoisted the pendant to indicate she was full and heading home. By now 24 ships in sight of one another were all following the same course homeward to the South East.

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