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Heading the Convoy: 8th-10th July, 1811

July 8, 2011

On Monday July 8th, the Resolution was still amongst ice when strong winds blew up which “rendered the sailing very dangerous”.  By now though, at Lat 76, the edge of the ice was near. There was still work to do flinching and making off whale tails, which were spread “upon the Casks as far aft as possible”. And the re-rigging continued: “rigged the long TG [Top Gallant] Masts Mizen Top Mast &c.”

By Tuesday the Resolution was in company with the Enterprize and Aimwell at Lat. 75. The Aimwell had taken 30 whales, and Scoresby loaned 4 provisions casks (180 gallons each) to help with stowing the blubber. Scoresby must have been proud, on his first voyage as Master, that the Aimwell and Enterprize nominated the Resolution Commodore of the convoy. Work continued on the rigging. The following day, the 10th, he notes that “At noon 5 sail in sight” and, after a calm, “we sailed under all canvas 4-5 knots P hour”.

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