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Placing the Guns: July 11th, 1811

July 11, 2011

On Thursday the Resolution was still around Lat 74, but as the convoy moved southward, it would come under threat of attack from both French and American frigates, and Scoresby thought it prudent to place the guns as a precaution. Work was underway to stow the whaleboats in the hold, and to “scrape” the ship’s sides: “Carpenter employed making new Top Gallt. Masts Crosstrees, Royal Masts and Poles”. The sea was still strewn with ice, and Bottlenose and Fin whales were spotted, but Scoresby was delighted with his role as commodore, and the way the convoy followed his lead:

At 8PM having passed several disseminated pieces of Ice and seeing much loose Ice a head (NWd) tacked our example was followed by all Ships in sight (viz. 7 in sight) as well as our Convoy.


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